The Wonders of Washington: The fab four reunited!

Let's rewind back to June. Oh, what a magical month. The month I finally made my return back to the wondrous west coast, the side of the country I was made for. And the month that I spent two beautiful weeks with my dearest friends in the world. The friends that understand me in a way that no one else does... the friends that love me despite knowing all of my secrets, my weakness, my quirks, my ridiculousness, and lived through fourteen days of incessant hangout time with me!
Welcome to part one of The Wonders of Washington!

Meet the Fab Four:

This trip was made possible by the great & glorious Guna family. I don't think they will ever understand how dreadfully thankful I am and how forever indebted I am to their kindness and their love for their daughter & her BFFs. I am still in awe today when I think about the phenomenal gift that they gave us & will never forget it. Ever.

We flew through miles of gray, ominous clouds and then emerged into clear skies above Seattle just as radiant rays of sunshine burst into view and sparkled over the water. The Pacific Ocean. Oh, how I missed you! Excited to be reunited with our very own Washingtonian Wonder, Rachel, & our Japanese-Indian-Singaporean, Abby G., we drove the two hours to La Conner, where we spent most of our trip in a cozy cabin at Snee-oosh Beach!

And this is where the adventures began. Days full of exploration, frolicking on the shore of Snee-oosh, enjoying coffee & tea at Ristretto while making plans for our weekend in Seattle, and walking around downtown La Conner.

Neverending nights of storytelling, laughing until we cried, crying until we laughed again, heart to heart conversations into the wee hours of the morning. We were brought together by an unexplainable bond, but oh how our hearts were united more than ever.

Grocery shopping shenanigans ensued & every meal was an adventure: Many pizza, much pasta, & ocean creature shaped chick nuggs were devoured & teatime was all day, everyday. The sunset spaghetti picnic by the river with new friends & our blazing bonfire complete with hotdogs & s'mores are just two of the highlights of our fun with food.

Pretty much my favorite thing about Washington, was brushing my teeth with my roomie Rachey every night... I still miss her when I'm brushing my pearly whites to this day.

And I miss dance parties in the kitchen to Plus One tunes.

The thousands of photos snapped will never tell the whole story, but they most definitely help me remember the wonders of Washington.


Coming soon: Shenanigans in Seattle, Mt. Vernon, Marysville, and our journey on the ferry to Friday Harbor.

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