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Dearest Friends & Family:

     As most of you know, this summer I've struggled with finding a job. I've submitted LOTS of applications, had several interviews, and the hope of being hired multiple times BUT to no avail. I am still jobless. The chance to write for Examiner.com has made me more aware of local events, given me the opportunity to perform a public service, helped me sharpen my summarization skills, and earned me a few cents as a bonus. The problem is, I only earn ONE penny per page view, article view, or each comment I get on an article. That's where you come in! I would love and appreciate your help more than you know. If you would just add my page to your favorites and visit the site once a week to read my articles it would make a world of difference for me. Even if you don't read my articles, especially if you don't live in Virginia and the events don't affect you in any way, just clicking on my page and articles will earn me a penny or two. If you actually find my articles helpful or interesting in any way, please leave me a comment. Or just leave me a comment for the heck of it. :]

     I would be honored if any of you visit my page even once! Thankyou for your help and for all your love. My life is brighter because of all you lovely people.


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Erin said...

Will do dear!!