My life lately: In Pictures.

Sometimes, pictures really just say it better than words. 

Kandi's graduation!

Free Needtobreathe/Lifehouse show with Jordan!

Christina's wedding! My first childhood friend to get married so far.

I grew up listening to dctalk & the newsboys. For the first time ever, I met Duncan, Jeff, Jody, & MICHAEL TAIT. We had quite the moment. it was magical.

Free David Cook/Matt Nathanson/Felicia Barton show at the beacharooney!


David Cook! phenomenal.

Matt Nathanson. His songs have been the anthems of our summer so far.

Felicia took this photo. You can see Monika, Sarah, & I peeking over the port-a-potty elite seat way over in the distance. we were sitting on a sand dune.

Sunset at the beach.

Our friend Chadd came back to Virginia Beach for a couple of days. He's a stunt comedian. check him out if you've never heard of him before: Wackychad.com

He brought Becky along & we had many fun shenanigans together at the beach!

A few random cellphone shots!

We had a fun smoothie/movie night with our bff Tashia!

Our friends, Sanctus Real, played at Busch Gardens & we got to see them again after a couple o' years. it was fun indeed.

We met JD Chandler... KLove Dj.

This week our friends Sevenglory played at Busch Gardens & we were reunited for the first time in two years. They are a huge ball of FUN. We had a blast & a half during our photoshoot.

Meanwhile, I'm stressed, frustrated, & glum because i can't find a job & i'm still trying to get healthy. [I don't feel very well most of the time.] But moments & people like these make life sweet.


Naida Lee said...

i have a blogspot too!!!! LOL. anyways... DAVID COOK!!! ON THE BEACH??????? i am WAY too jealous for my own good. i need to calm down. WOW... magical. David Cook is... spectacular. ;) and your friend Chad kinda sorta maybe a little looks like Tubbo? maybe just in that picture? haha.

Laurie said...

I never noticed before this series of pictures that you smile without showing your teeth... is that intentional? You have a beautiful smile when you show your teeth, too... A big toothy grin is good for the soul!

Jordan said...

Those are great pictures! It looks like you've had some awesome experiences lately! Meeting the Newsboys, seeing David Cook, etc. Glad you got to do that!

(this is "tree_climber," by the way ;-)

Naida Lee said...

LOL... then that would make sense that he looks like him, huh?? haha.