Paint, collages, & transfers.

Our latest photography experiment in class was manipulating our own photos, not with photoshop, but with our hands! sidenote: I scanned all of these photos & they don't look so fab on the computer. they look much more colorful in person.

1. we turned our photos into sketch-like black & whites... we xeroxed our photos, used chemicals and transferred the photo onto drawing paper. Here are two of them. not amazing, but definitely interesting!

2. We painted on some of our black & white photos with thin layers of oil paint & turpentine. My photos probably could have been cooler if i did them at home and actually took time to make them look awesome... but anyway... it was lots of fun!

3. We made collages out of our own photos! this was my absolute favourite of the three, i've always loved making crazy collages... I am not very skilled at cutting with scissors or knives...[cherylyn + sharp things = scary.] so my cut-outs are a little choppy looking along the edges, but I definitely had a blast & a half coming up with silly combinations with the photos i brought to class.

The last one freaks me out the maximum. One Monika is enough! six Monikas? too much to handle!

p.s. All the photos used for these little projects are all my photography except for two: i just want to clarify that the giraffe in the photo used above was actually taken by my friend Jason. I had one almost like it, but i thought his was funnier. The zebra used in the collage was taken by my friend Rachel... the one i painted, was taken by me! <3

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