Through The Looking Glass: Final project.

School is out for summerrr! For my final photography project, I took photos of my friends using a mirror, in outside locations. I was inspired by Alice's adventures in Wonderland & through the looking glass. I didn't use all of these for my portfolio, but I thought I'd post a few. It was a fun little experiment & i'd love to expand the idea and take some more creative photos once i become a little more skilled!

I took some photos of Rachael & Abby in front of the Marlin fountain on campus. 

My favourite photos were the ones we took at the beach!

I also took some lovely photos of Kasey in her backyard/garden & the beacharooney. i couldn't have asked for better models!

Cherylyn in Wonderland.

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Gina: said...

Pretty amazing stuff. You rock!