Rush of Fools & Lunch with the lovelies.

A few weeks ago I went on a little roadtrip to Mineral, Virginia to see the Rush of Fools boys with Monika, Sarah, & my mom! it was a fun little ride in the car, even though i was studying for an international film test. A glorious show too. Joy Lippard & Sarah Reeves were an absolute delight. Jimmy Needham was fab. and of course the Fools were the highlight of the night. We met the guys last year in Lynchburg, but they were all sick and had to cancel their set, so we were pumped to finally see them play live and they didn't disappoint us. They are the sweetest lads ever & it was fun to reunite with them!

Spring was in the air.

Country road.

Waiting outside in the sunshine.

The fools just started using twitter. Kevin was taking a photo of the crowd & sending it to twitpic. so I twitpic-ed him in return.

The tunnel on our late night drive home... 

Kevin Huguley the great & glorious.

Jamie! as you can see we were running on very little sleep. i look wretched.

Love that Fool!

Last week we enjoyed a lovely little lunch at Panera with our friends Katie & Delia. 

Delia didn't want my camera in her face.

I love these girls. it was very refreshing. Girl time is very much needed every once and awhile.

Other than these two sweet little adventures, my life has been lacking in excitement. Less than a month is left of the semester. YIKES.

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