House of Heroes. [10.23.08]

For the first time since March, we had the pleasure of being in House of Heroes' glorious presence. They are some of our absolutely FAVOURITE men to have adventures with & I just can't even get over how splendorously EPIC their new album, The End Is Not The End, is. Seriously.... go to itunes right this instant and purchase the tantalizing tunes.
This album made it to my Top 3 albums of 2008 list. [Downhere-Ending is Beginning & Coldplay-Viva La Vida are the other two on The List.]

AJ: bass player extraordinaire. the band is 679 times better with this man back in action!

Timmy Skipper.Matty T & Relient K were there too. :]Colin Rigsby!
AJ Babcock. I adore Tim Skipper. 
Tim's attempt at a death glare.

Laura! we hang out at shows all the time. We obviously were not prepared for a photo shoot.He has such a brilliant smile. it's almost blinding.Jared Rigsby!Because we THUG!I have no idea why I look so glum. RIDICULOUS.
Stellar night indeed. 

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