To Write Love On Her Arms, Nevertheless, & Between The Trees.


It was a balmy Florida afternoon in Tampa when I met the Nevertheless lads. I flew to Florida in May 2006 to visit some dear friends and spend the weekend in Orlando for Cornerstone Florida... where I saw lots of my best buddies in bands & heard tons of
tantalizing tunes. My old friends, Kids in the Way were touring with Nevertheless and Fireflight & had a show at an obscure little venue a few days before the festival, so Michelle
and I went to hang out & AJ Cheek introduced himself with a cheerful little grin. And from that moment I was hooked. These boys make some marvelous music and they are some of the sweetest guys I've ever had the honor of knowing!
We ran into them all weekend at Cornerstone & then a few weeks later we hung out with
them in Virginia Beach all night... there were about 4 other people at the show & it was pouring outside, but we had a blast & a half. 
Fast forward to last Monday night...we hadn't seen these
boys in 2 & half years... guess what? they still remember us and are PUMPED that we
came to see them. It was fab catching up with the boys & meeting Between the Trees for
the first time. [spectacular sounds too!] Renee, who inspired To Write Love On Her
Arms, told her story & read from her new book... lifechanging. 

AJ Cheek!!!
Monika & i found this gem... showed it to AJ...next thing you know our new friend Ryan has
 it in his hands...

Working on his grand masterpiece.
The final product...he autographed it with a flourish and presented it proudly, telling us to cherish it for the rest of our lives.

Nevertheless. They're always smiling & it's infectious!

AJ making magic on the keys. 
Apparition of melody.
Adam Wann!
Ryan Kirkland is such a sweet boy!

Josh & I are HOOD.

Shake that tambourine for me!


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