Dance or Die. [10/07/08]

Family Force 5- Dance Rawr Dance Tour 2!!!

We reunited with Family Force 5 at the Jewish Mother, the tiniest venue of LIFE in Virginia Beach, in October.
Our friends, Amanda & David came from Richmond to see the show.

Hanging out with Xanadoodle!

We met Mike/Tux for the first time.

Crouts!!! :]My bff chappy chappertons/Derek.

Fatty McFatterson!

 NaDaaaaddy.And the Soul Glow Activaturr.
It was a jubilation celebration, as always. and I had a ridiculous amount of fun despite feeling ill & mourning the loss of my cat Dusty! 

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frequ3ntliblond3 said...

Love these photos. Can't even wait until I get to see them again and meet them!