Rock The Lake 2008. [Downhere cd release show.]

Rock the Lake 2008. [9.21.08.]

So, if you know me...I'm sure you heard/saw me promoting the Downhere release show last month in Williamsburg, VA. It was a glorious night & things went swell. Since I should have posted this blogarooney a month ago, I thought i'd just post some photos since I am a busy bumblebee.
We snuck into the dressing rooms at Lake Matoaka the night before the show.

The Lake:
The Stage:

Trying to connect to the internet on our silly little laptops: 

Krista giving Monika last minute merch instrucciones:

Erin teaching me all about World Vision:

Monika was Glenny G's special helper:

The marvelous merch table all set up:

Showing off my table of creative chaos. The Ending is Beginning table that the Jordanian was in charge of all night.
The master of the sound, Dave:

We made it onto the Rock the Lake sign. We were honored:

Sarah & Monika presenting the new Ending is Beginning posters:

Krista & Erin hanging up the new backdrop!!!

The first time i had one of these babies in my hands... a hard copy of Ending is Beginning: 


Sarah & I working the World Vision table!

Jordan & my mom at the Ending is Beginning table during the show!

Epic sunset over the stage & lake.

Presents from our Canadian Kat! so sweet. 

A hug from Mrs. Lavs! 
Hanging out before we say goodbye!

photoshoot with our beautiful K-Lavs.

The Glennster was the MC for the night.

The Tantalizing tunes.

'Twas a glorious night. You should buy the new album if you haven't already. definitely one of the top three albums of the year. At least in my world.

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frequ3ntliblond3 said...

Fabulous! It looked and sounded like a blast!