Friends = Happy hearts.

These people make my heart extremely happy:

We took a little roadtrip to Jamestown, North Carolina to see the Shawn Mcdonald, Downhere, Jason Gray show. & finally got to meet miss Joanna. It was basically a blast & a half.

One afternoon we had a lovely little walk around the lake and up the green, glorious hill at Mt. Trashmore with our dear friend Kasey. it was a beautiful day. Can you dig the sunshine? umm heck yes i can!

Random story: So we began to descend the hill & in the middle of the hill... in a perfect triangular formation... there sat three quarters. waiting there just for the three of us. It was a rather magical moment that made no sense, but i loved it for that reason. We were kind of scared to pick them up lest it was a tricky little April fool's joke some devious trickster was trying to pull!

I feel like i only update my blogarooneys when i go to shows. it's not my life, i promise. But reuniting with Downhere & JG seriously light up my life.

Oh, Martellioni.

Shawn McDonald is a phenomenal man. Groovy performer with a marvelous heart. We helped organize his merch... we rolled up his t-shirts for approximately 3 hours before the show. & he rewarded us with free shirts. Nice man!

JG is my FAVOURITE tall man.

I feel this stirring in my heart to start writing again. It will happen soon... i promise.
i'm lacking in the writing department.
i'm lacking in the motivation department.
i'm lacking in the dollar department.
& the job department.

department is a peculiar word.


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