Roadtrips, Bands, Chipotle & re-arranged room = spring break.

Spring Break has been rather uneventful.
My two highlights of the week were:
1. re-arranging my room: it looks ALOT less cluttered. but i have lots&lots of organizing to do.
2. FINALLY reuniting with our friends, House of Heroes, after 21 months of being apart. We drove to Williamsburg, picked S-Potts up, & then zoomed to Richmond where we met our friends David & Amanda. We drove to Vienna, VA & we ate at Chipotle for the first time. Scrumptious.
Our four hour drive definitely turned out to be worth it in the end. It was a glorious night, with mindblowing music & fabulous friends. We had a blast & a half... Timmy & Jared even gave us a little shoutout on the stage.



Last month we journeyed to Lynchburg again... to visit Liberty University. I had a meeting with the visual communications department & i decided that even though the college is awesome, that it's not the place for me. While we were there we went to see the newsboys, rush of fools, & article one. The poor Rush Of Fools lads were super ill, so they couldn't play. We had the pleasure of hanging out with Kevin & JD for awhile though.
We had a really intense night: Sarah was almost killed by flying rocks, then was attacked by the evil flu monster & could barely stay awake during the show, we had a freak choking accident, lost phone & the list goes on! but we survived!
We hadn't seen the newsboys since i was in 9th grade... so it was kind of fun seeing them again & Article one is a splendid Canadian band. Super sweet men.


p.s. i've been accepted to Virginia Wesleyan here in Virginia Beach. so it looks like i'll be around town for two more years.
p.p.s. i'm desperately hoping for a new job in the next few weeks, so if anyone has any ideas or advice for me, i'd love to hear it!


Fly Swatter said...

Just so you will know, Liberty has just hired this weekend a top notch visual communications professor who is going to raise the level of the department rather quickly. He starts this fall and it might be worth your efforts to check back with the school if the level of the program was your hangup. Otherwise, nothing but the best to you at Va Wesleyan.

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Anonymous said...

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kathryn said...

hey Rainbrow Brite!!! Your spring break sounded and looked amazing!!!! Go, Cee!!!

Anonymous said...