The beach, the beast & brushing your teeth!

Are you supposed to brush your teeth and THEN floss or should you floss and then brush your teeth? I'm kind of stuck in the middle... which way is the RIGHT way, people!?

A furious frenzy of fun at the beacharooney with our bff Tashia:


On Thursday I officially took my last final at Tidewater Community College. I finally defeated the mathematics monster after years of struggling, praying, and trying to make sense of the numbers running rampant in my brain! NO MORE MATH! it is finished! the end! This is one of the biggest accomplishments of my life, so far... so I'm pretty pumped that I finished with a bang! A triumphant victory. This means i'll get my liberal arts associates degree this month & transfer to Virginia Wesleyan College in August. & THAT means only two more years of school. FAB.

Summertime is here & I want to get my life and my body back into shape. It's time for the treasure hunt for a job. If anyone has any bright ideas for a new job, it would be lovely if you could share them with me! 
My new goal is exercise for at least an hour every single day of my life. So far this week I've stuck to the plan & exceeded my expectations. I've felt wretched since i graduated highschool and stopped gymnastics... going from intense practice/workouts 30 hours a week to almost no physical activity was the worst decision of my life. 

The countdown begins!!!!!! 4 days until i unite with my bestest darlings Abby, Rachel, Jason, & Danielle in Pensacola, Florida. Friends from Virginia, Japan, Washington, & Alabama together in one place. We've been dreaming of this moment for five years & now the glorious day is drawing closer & closer. MINDBLOWING!!!! 
[& i am rather excited at the possibility of hanging out with my friend Nathan Morris too! we just happen to be flying to Pensacola the same weekend.]

I literally CANNOT stop listening to the Across the Universe soundtrack. out of control. i don't even care.

Take a sad song & make it better,


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

kathryn said...

floss, then brush!
i hope you find ways to do your gymnastics. . or dance or something to train and make your muscles and your mind happy?! Yay for you, transferring colleges. The future is bright! xo