Jesus. Blood. Storms. Heart Stealer.

I want to lose religion.
& just have more of my Jesus.
I want him to infiltrate my heart
& permeate my blood with his goodness & light.

Outside is gray skies.
stormy & windy.
there's a storm going on inside my heart too.
chaos. too many things to figure out in my life right now!

p.s. i spent last thursday & friday with downhere, jason gray, & lanae hale.
most favourite people ever. photos soon.
p.p.s. Precious Baby Cali is a heart stealer. No one is immune.

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kathryn said...

what a beautiful post, Cee. . i think of a number of things as i read your thoughts . . a lot of the thoughts are song lyrics that come to my mind. . one of my favourites is a U.K. artist named Sue Rinaldi whose music is so special. "Promise Land" is the CD. . its a bit dated now. . (90s disc) but several of the songs just hit me ("Please", "Holy River", "Lay Myself Down") . . in such a way as you describe - wanting more of Jesus.