Life & Light.

Cold, cold glass crushed beneath your feet.
What a bitter end for one that used to glow translucent.
Darkness seeps into the city where we used to hide among the light bulbs.
Killing the black with tiny irredescent pinpricks.

Escape the prison of nighttime.
Born to shine. Born to be mine.
Oh, lovely, break those heavy chains.
Smash the glass of confinement
and watch the artificial light fade away.

Golden orbs melt away, but radiance destroys the dark.

Deep, deep in the heart of the woods moonbeams dance in harmony.
Stars seranade the trees.
Softly whisper in my ear the tune that brings the dead to life.
Glass glued together. Sharp shards mended by your strong hands.
Smash the past into pieces and watch as the future unfolds like
light spilling slowly before your eyes.


i'm trapped inside a box.
a box of deterioration, despondancy, & complacency.
and i want more than anything to break the boundaries.
to burst out into the light.
& become what i was meant to be.
to do what i was made for.
So, basically... i finally met Steven Curtis Chapman last weekend.
yeah. we're pretty tight.he's truly a phenomenal man.
& his family is absolutely darling.

&& we reunited with our Sanctus Real lads.
i love my "cousins" a whole heck of alot.
cousin graalman reigns supreme.

& i love Dan to the max.
he's pretty much killer.

knowing such lovely people makes life grand.

Bethany Dillon is an absolute doll.


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kathryn said...

Cee. . i love your expressive style! You love 'light' . . it comes through in all your writing. I love that. Keep exploring and expressingyour heart - its lovely. You are special! xo