I am.

I don't feel creative,
but i am interesting.
I don't feel talented,
but I am loved.
I don't feel motivated,
but i am inspired.
I don't feel capable,
but i am.

I don't feel deserving,
but I am filled.
[to the brink & beyond.]
I don't feel sophistocated,
but i want to be elegant.
I don't feel admired,
but I am.

I don't feel worthy,
but i am forgiven.
I don't feel lovely,
but i am beautiful.
I don't feel empty,
but there's a hole in my heart.
I don't feel powerful,
but I am explosive.
I don't feel important,
but i have a purpose.

I don't feel alive,
but i am.


kathryn said...

love this. . you are remarkable and wonderful!

Jonny & Julie Pollock said...

I often wonder as Christian's are we human beings or "human becomings," and I felt encouraged by your words here. Thanks for these few words, as they obviously mean so much. This would be a good "stuck with a magnet on my fridge" kinda poem! Keep being!