Daniel Kirkley, Biscuitville, & Antique Malls.

Last sunday we took a four hour automobile ride to Burlington, North Carolina
to meet our new bestest friend Daniel Kirkley.

We stopped at Biscuitville for a lovely little lunch of, yes...
you guessed it: Biscuits.

& we spent the afternoon killing time at Grandaddy's Antique Mall.
BO-RING. but who really cares? we had fun anyway.

& then the moment we'd been waiting for; for more than a year!

in other news... i'm pretty much exasperated & flabberghasted
with this ten page paper about Major depression.
Only about 39,847,937 paragraphs to go!
in better news, I won tickets to the Sanctus Real/Steven Curtis Chapman show.
So we get to reunite with our Sanctus boys for free
& finally meet Steven.

love & chocolate chip cookies. ♥

for fun summer photos, click here:


& here:

& for nashville/franklin, TN photos:


kathryn said...

Cee,i love you and the girlies!!! You're all the best!

your pictures are so entertaining!love to see the evidences of all your fun excursions!!!!

Bessie said...

Good for people to know.