Righteousness, Treasure, & Trees. [Wide-eyed & mystified.]

Righteousness delivers from death.death digging deeper, deeper into depths of my soul.
Swallowing the key to the door.
The iron gates clanged shut.
Forbidden secrets hide inside the lines of eyes that live to lie,
to sever ties & bleed & DIE.

Life leads to death.
Tragic death of the cold, blue sky.
He painted it blue & hung the clouds in the atmosphere's 
White wisps obscure the dark that rules the night.
It is coming. It is near.
Closer than your own veins.
It knows you better than you know your own name.

Looming trees tower over your comatose frame.
Wallowing in despondency and dreams.
Sleep swims seas of sorrow and disease.
Falling farther into fantasy
where ponds and streams believe.
BELIEVE in truth and light and live where dark does not reside.

Find the path of falling leaves & silver seeds.
Seeds to plant the breath of life in the sweet soil of men's hearts.
Ill-gotten treasure is of no value.

Your eyes can see forever.



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kat said...

poignant post, hon. i love it. some really cool phrases here. . and lots of heart.