Unexpected Encouragement.

I used to be a dreamer.
I'm still a dreamer.
But I guess I stopped believing 
that my dreams could ever come true.

I used to be hopeful... I used to be courageous!

I was creative & audacious!

I let life drag me down... and now I'm just a drag.

My hopes & dreams are still up there... dangling in the sky.

They're stuck in the clouds & I'm stuck on the ground.
I stopped building my ladder and stopped climbing way up high.

Sometimes I forget that I still have the strength & the stamina to 

ascend the obstacles in my way. 
Buried so deep inside, locked away in place 
so secret, I can't even find the map to lead me back. 

And then sometimes when my spirit is withering away... 

unexpected encouragement comes my way. 
A treasure from a gem of a friend:

You are:

brave and strong

kind and compassionate
fun and funny
smart and talented

in general, a great person to know

(even if you don't believe it!)

I don't believe it. But I used to believe it.
When circumstances keep me rooted to the ground, 
I need to soak up the strength from others & start remembering 
my way back to the place where I can dream about dancing in the clouds again.

If I keep looking down at the ground, I'll never reach the top.

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