Unexpected Encouragement - Part Two.

This year has been emotionally draining, physically straining, full of heartbreak & confusion.
Life changing.

I've lost faith in people, situations & circumstances, my dreams & my abilities.

I've literally had these thoughts swirl around in my head:
"I have no purpose. I'm worthless. 
The world would be better off without me. 
Well, at least it wouldn't be any worse without me."
"I wish I didn't exist. People forget I exist anyway. "
"I'm wandering around aimlessly & have no talents or gifts... so WHY am I here?!"

I might not understand life right now or be able to comprehend why I have to struggle so hard, stuck in same place... without an end in sight.
And then sometimes, when I'm wallowing in the mud, feeling sorry for myself & forgetting that I was created for a reason... with creativity, imagination, and the heart of a dreamer... a friend comes along and helps me remember with the sweetest words. Words that I don't think I deserve:

I wanted to tell you that you are not alone in those struggles. 
I'm so sorry for the tragic events that have been occurring in 
your life over the past year. 
Even in those darker moments, God is present and continually 
caring for you. 
You are an amazing artist, not just in terms of the work you produce,
but as a person. 
You are truly a shining star, and have always been an inspiration. 
Keep creating and expressing yourself.
God made you an amazing dreamer and artist,
and he has great plans for you. 


The fact that I can inspire someone who inspires me...
when I feel so lost & worthless is mind blowing.
My life goal is to continue being inspired & to inspire others.
I exist for a reason.
To create for the Creator... not to impress anyone.
Sometimes I just forget.

Thank you! 

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Jordan said...

One of the things I found strange about reading this was seeing the thoughts you said have gone through your head... because I have thought every single one of those thoughts about myself several times recently. In a way, I feel encouraged knowing I'm not alone. I'm also encouraged by all your words in the post... I need them. It's so amazing to me that God's caused both of us to inspire and encourage eachother! <3