Off to work I go & To Narnia & the North!

Two new things:
1. I am starting a new job on Monday.
2. I just created a Tumblr page.

After nine months of hoping & praying, I'm finally starting a temporary, full time job this week. I've spent months working on my photography, assisting other photographers with shoots every once & awhile, babysitting more than I have ever babysat in my life, & volunteering at The Current, the radio station where I did my internship.
This new adventure is not a dream job, but it's a start! I'll be working for a company that score standardized testing... I'll be grading reading comprehension to be exact. What comes after the end of April... we shall see, but for now... off to work I go!

Speaking of new adventures, I'll still be posting here on this lovely little blog when I have significant things to say, but I just started a Tumblr page. (As if I need another website to live on in internetland.) For a daily dose of inspiration - in the form of photographs & art, film & television, sound & colors, stories & words, thoughts & dreams, join me here at: To Narnia & The North!

If you're on tumblr too... send me your link & follow me so we can inspire each other! <3

Come further up, come further in!


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Kaitlyn Luce said...

Congratulations on your job! I know how furiously you've been looking. I'm so happy for you!