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I recently had the pleasure of interviewing my dear friend Nathan Morris. Not only is he one of my personal favorites in the music world, he has a golden heart and is one of the kindest people I've ever met.
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Cherylyn Ebertz: When did you realize that singing was your passion?

Nathan Morris: When I was 16, driving 2 hours every week to record silly demos that I did nothing with. I enjoyed the process of writing a song, recording a song and showing people. I enjoyed sharing that art and realized that I would work as hard as necessary to make it a full-time job.

CEE: If you weren't pursuing your musical career what do you think you'd be doing now?

NM: I probably would have attended Full Sail University for video production, perhaps even married. Geez, what a scary thought.

CEE: What is the defining element that sets you apart from other musicians or artists?

NM: I think it's so easy to be caught up in this industry. In all the attention, "things" and whatever else it throws at you. I feel called to do this. I feel as people, we were put here to love each other to the best of our ability. For me, doing this is about sharing how I feel, think, hope, hurt, care for others. If I relate to one person, then my job is done.

I want people to know they're important. I've made sure to surround myself with a solid group of individuals who'd never leave me stranded or hanging, and will hold me accountable with the decisions I make. A defining element is my foundation and the people who make up this machine. They're more than business partners. They're brothers and sisters who believe in the same Truth that I believe in and know my roles and goals.

CEE: You inspire people with your music. What inspires you?

NM: Thank you so much for that. Life and the people who fill it. The things that happen on a daily basis; the simple thing. My mother and her willingness to love us boys unconditionally. My brothers who rally behind me and efforts to keep doing what I love.

CEE: What is your favorite song that you've ever written or recorded? Is there one song that is more meaningful than all the others?

NM: I think every song becomes my "favorite" at one time or another. As people, we go through seasons in life; ups and downs. "Just Me, Just You" is a favorite right now. Right now things are uncertain, but I have hope. That song talks about taking life one day at a time, letting someone know you're right there to take life on with.

CEE: How would you describe your own sound to someone who has never heard your music before?

NM: Pop, hooky pop, with some substance.

CEE: Define success for you personally. What are your ultimate goals as musician? What are your life goals?

NM: Success is simply finding contentment and happiness in what you're doing on a daily basis. My ultimate goals are selling records, meeting and encouraging people with songs I create, playing hundreds of dates a year and just finding enjoyment through the process. Life goals consist of finding a wife who can handle this schedule, continue to enjoy the process, buy my mom a new house, send my brothers on a vacation, give my manager more vacations and die a happy man.

CEE: Do you enjoy either the songwriting/recording process or traveling & playing live shows more than the other? Or do you love both equally?

NM: It's a toss up. I love the "shaking hands" aspect of the live show, but I love writing and creating something in the studio.

CEE: What have you been working on lately?

NM: Lately, it's been a lot of traveling. I've been playing a lot of shows, getting out in front of people and shaking hands. I'm always writing music amidst all that as well. I'm promoting the new EP "Just Me, Just You." That's been taking up a lot of time.

CEE: Where do you get most of your song ideas?

NM: From the life I live; the second, third, twentieth chances I get and the lessons learned. I get ideas from loving people and loved in return.

CEE: What have you been listening to lately?

NM: John Mayer's "Battle Studies" and Brett Dennan.

CEE: What is the best place you've visited during your travels so far?

NM: I always enjoy going out to LA. There's something so creative about that place. I really enjoyed Tampa Bay as well. Beautiful buildings and coast lines.

CEE: How do you balance life on the road and at home. What is your favorite thing about sharing your music with the world? What is your least favorite thing about your job?

NM: I don't, really. It's a learning process always. When I get off the road, it always takes a few days to get back in to what little routine I have when not on the road. The least favorite thing is just trying find a routine that is hard to develop and/or maintain.

CEE: What has been the biggest adventure of your life so far? What surprises you the most about life?

NM: Biggest adventure is learning more and more as time passes. The biggest surprise; it flies by. I used to wish so many moments away. "I can't wait until next week" or "I can't wait until senior year is over." Now I am surprised by how much I miss being young. I don't wish it away so much now.

CEE: What's your advice for aspiring musicians?

NM: Don't stop. Don't give up. Never settle.

CEE: Do you have a favorite quote?

NM: Live Love!

CEE: Any last words? Anything you want to share with the world?

NM: Thank you for being supportive of the music I'm so passionate about making. I look forward to meeting those who I have yet to have the opportunity to shake hands with. We'll have a party and have Denny's afterwards!

"Just Me, Just You" - Nathan Morris


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