Electroluminescence is EVERYWHERE.

Dearest friends,
I am finally starting to make more frequent appearances on this blog again despite my lack of time & abundance of busyness. I am all over internetLand... so if you're not
 friends/subscribed/linked to me/or following me on any of the websites below & you love me... you should do it now! 

The Kaleidoscope Eyes.  -My photoblog. I post a photo there every single day of my life. Most of the photos are from my cellphone, since i'm a busy bumblebee & can't lug my nice camera around with me everyday. Sometimes they're funny. Sometimes they're lame. Sometimes they are surprisingly splendid. I don't know... you tell me! I'm on day 203 so far!

Twitter: Electro_CEE. -My Twitter page. If you haven't succumbed to the force and magic of Twitterland yet... you should do it now. It's about time. It's like a big sticky, web of connectivity... it's about the closest you can get to being in the same room with people who are across the world or on the other side of the country. Sometimes I share my innermost thoughts, most of the time my tweets are nonsensical & pointless, but most of the time they are rather entertaining. If you want little glimpses of my everyday life, a little mirror into my brain, follow me on Twitter.com.

Facebook: Cherylyn Ebertz. - In case you haven't noticed yet, Facebook is the place to be these days. If you, for some reason, have the burning desire to be my Facebook friend... send me a request!!! :]

Myspace: Electroluminescence. -Yes! i still use myspace, despite the lack of activity there! It's the best place to keep up to date with music & a few friends that [for some reason] have not taken the plunge and migrated to facebook!

Flickr.com: Electroluminescence[CEE]. -My Flickr photostream! I'm not a professional photographer whatsoever, but if you know me or have been reading my blog, you know that i'm in the process of attempting to get some photo skills! I've recently added a few new photos that I took for my photography class & will add some more soon, but I need to buy a pro account to keep the pictures up to date. Since I am currently lacking in the dollar department, that probably will not be as soon as I wish! If you have a Flickr page, add me as a contact so I can bask in the glow of your glorious photos!

-My youtube! I haven't added any videos to my page since September... but i have 342 videos on there... so you have PLENTY to catch up on if you are not yet subscribed to me! Magical music, men in bands, and splendid shows galore. Hidden amongst all those are random, ridiculous, peculiar videos that will either make you laugh or cry.... or maybe both?! p.s. sidenote: some of my videos have TERRIBLE sound quality because i dropped my camera a few years ago & it's video capabilities have been limited ever since.

If anyone is actually wasting time & reading my blogarooney THAT should keep you busy for awhile!


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frequ3ntliblond3 said...

Hooray! I need to do something like this soon! I am all over the place, too. But I have definitely cut down on my internet time. I am so sad. I am laying my photo blog to rest. I was afraid the time would come soon because i just wasn't into it all that much. It's also been nearly a month since I last updated it and I haven't been taking pictures at all. I'll be updating my original blog more often now, though!