The Baby Llama & Gael García Bernal.

This is pretty much the funniest photo i've seen in approximately 67 years. I can't even handle it. TMTH. what a nerdbomber baby Llama. or is an Alpaca? i don't really care! it's hilarious & just makes my day 12 times better everytime I look at it. You should totally make this photo your desktop background and peek at it whenever you're having a lame day. 

p.s. this photo is not my desktop background, in fact.... my wallpaper is a photo of Gael Garcia Bernal. We were talking about him in International Film class the other night [it was Latin America week & we watched City of God.] & I was reminded how sensationally fabulous he really is. Have you ever seen the Science of Sleep? If not. Do it. Glorious. Wow.

p.s. I can teleport & time travel in my dreams.

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frequ3ntliblond3 said...

Uhm..P.S. That guy is very good looking. I can see why he is your background photo. :-)

That picture is brilliant. Made my morning, for sure.