Winter Jam 2009.

Todd E Funk! 

Nirva & Toddie!
Francesca B! [awkward photo. We had a railing separating us.]


On Sunday, Monika & I decided to go to Winter Jam at the last minute. It's hard to resist when Tobymac is in town. [He's from Virginia, so he always sings a few extra songs & is more bombastic than ever!] We had a splendid time reuniting with some friends. This year Newsong brought Stephanie Smith, PureNRG, Francesca Battistelli, Hawk Nelson, Brandon Heath, & Toby on the road with them. Glorious. I still love HN's stage shenanigans; it was fun saying hi to the lads again. Brandon Heath was my favourite of the night. LOVE him to the max.

fun times indeed.

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saylor days said...

glad you had fun at winter jam!
thank you for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog! *love*.