Downhere In Lynchburg, VA: November 2008.

Last month, The Ending is Beginning tour was in Lynchburg, VA at Liberty University... about 4 & a half hours away... so of course we took the roadtrip to go hang out with the lads... our darling friends Erin & Krista... and to see the Michael Gungor band. Jordan, Monika, Sarah, & I got there early to hang out with the girls, went on a treacherous walk in the rain with Krista & Martellioni, and had a fun festive birthday cake extravaganza for Marc, KLavs, & Jeremy. We hung out with Kelsey & friends and she was so sweet to let us stay in her dorm room at Lynchburg College that night. We also got to see Jordan's brother Ian and reunite with our friend Cari! It was quite the stellar day. Photos courtesy of Me, Jordan, Monika, Sarah, & Cari!

Fun times, fab friends.

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