The Bethlehem Skyline tour: Greenville, PA.

This past weekend Monika, Sarah, my mom, & I took an 8 hour road trip to Greenville, Pennsylvania to reunite with all of our Centricity friends at the Bethlehem Skyline tour. It was absolutely marvelous... a picture paints a thousand words & there are MASSIVE amounts of photos in this update... So I won't bore you with an explanation or a description of our fantasically phenomenal weekend!

Thanks to our dear friend, Jess, we were able to stay at her parents beautiful house about an hour away from the show in Saegertown, PA. We had a killer time & got to hang out darling Cali and experience the snow!

The end. [is not the end.]


Anonymous said...


Great photos! I love those tunnels in PA.

Mom Lav

Gina said...

Aww. Mom Lav posted on your blog!!

SO many amazing pics... did you take them with your new cam?

Glad you ladies had a blast- and your mom got to go too!! That tour was phenominal... great music and great people!

kathryn said...

hey sweetheart!! I had a dream last night that i got to meet you and give you a huge hug!! and you were remarkably little and made me feel like a giant! xoxo