Kneeling makes it easier to catch up with your falling heart.

That is what i am.
I am such a dreamer.
& my dreams are vivid & brilliant.
I used to go after my dreams, go for the gold, & run like the wind.
but now i am standing still with possibilities, opportunities, and goals swirling violently about me.
Where do i go? what do i do?
i am stuck.
stuck in the middle of the mud with no plan of escape.

the twinkle in my eye is dwindling.
Please don't die, I need you.
Our new year's extravaganza was quite festive & probably cooler than yours. 
[just kidding. kind of.]

Indeed. it was rather radical.

The first week of new classes is officially OVERRR.
Goodbye to community college in May. hippp hip hoooray.

p.s. if any of you lovely people know anything about transferring to colleges or about any good photography schools please fill me in! i need help. desperately!

Hello 2008,


Dale said...

I just saw that you found/visited my blog so I thought I'd tag you back, Cherylyn! ;)

The Ellis Maxx said...


Nice looking page. Good to see you are tight w/Steven Curtis. Ha

kathryn said...

hi hon. . i appreciate your poetic and creative soul. You are so lovely and lively, despite your occasional feelings of lostness - you will be all right! BIG HUG!!!! xoxoxo yay for you completing college!!! no wonder you feel strange, you're at a jumping off point and what to jump into??