The sun will shine upon you
But not on all the others
You are sugar sweet,
so fine I'd like to eat
Your apple's poison seed
Will be the end of me.
Summer is speeding by so super quickly
& i only have twenty eight more days of
being nineteeen years young.
Soon there will no longer be a "teen."
following my age.
i'm not sure how i reallyy feel about that.

Lovedrug = pure brilliance. alwayyys.
One day i would've painted reds and greens of one who let me live long enough.

1. We'll be in Nashville in one month & five days. that blows my MIND!
2. I got a C in Biology. absolute RUBBISH.
3. Monika & i are housesitting for our pastor's family/dogsitting their cuuute pup named Cassie for a weeek!
4. I haaaate ruined plans. boo for that.
5. The Beacharooney is my best friend. sunshine.sunshine.sunshine.you.rule.my.world!
6. i saw my BFF from third grade for the first time in almost eleven years at the lovedrug show. It was absolutely random & pretty much aamazing.
7. Spiderman 3 was killer. OHHH, James Franco.
8. My dad got freaking laser surgery on his eyes today
& we watched the whole thing through a gigantic glass window!
technology is out of control!

The END!

All is lost for us if heaven fails.

ohhh, but it won't.



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kathryn said...

you are the coolest, baby Cee!! Lots new with you. . you're busy, you're happy. . and you're almost 20!!!!! BAH! BIG HUG for you!!!! You are the best, hon.