On the edge of summerrrtime.

Hullo, my little scuppernongs.
I will award you 893 bonus points
if you can tell me what a scuppernong is.

Biology schmiology.
Four weeks down!
Six classes to go!
Two lecture tests, one lecture quiz,
two lab quizzes, my lab final,
extra credit projects,
& two intense laboratory sessions left
& then it's goodbye science & hello sweeeet summertime!
I can't even wait! talk about REGAL SICK!

I've been having wayyy too much telley time for my own good!
but all of my stellar summer shows are on again!
Hell's Kitchen. Out of control.
Kyle XY. Excitinggg.
& So You Think You Can Dance. Disappointing.
My favourite dancer was already kicked offf on the first night.
what the HECK?!

Netflix is superb.
I've seen some groovy movies lately.
Some of them for the second time because
they areseriously that amaaazingg.
Flyboys. Pride & Prejudice. Love Comes Softly.
Love's Enduring Promise. Elizabethtown.
& my funk soul sista & i are all about Hetty Wainthrop Investigates.
If you'd like to see a CREEEPY movie watch Shooting Livien.
we rented it because it was about a band & the beatles
& jason behr & dominic monaghan were the stars...
but it was wretchedly depressing & weirdddd.

i want to work in the music industry.
& use my photography & writing skills everyday.
well. what little skill i have.
i'm convinced that there has to be a dream job out there
somewhere over the rainbow.
i'm tired of being a gymnastics coach.
i'd much rather be DOING gymnastics than trying to teach it.
i miss it alot alot alot.

I won a contest! A highflightsociety prize pack!
free music, posters, magazines & an album.
talk about a beautiful little surprise!

After writing numerous letters & notes & storing up little trinkets
& postcards & music & tea for one of my bestest darlings, Abigail...
I finally sent her shoebox to Japanland.
It was only about four years late.
Monika & i re-united with Jordan after seven freaking months
& had a Boshua Jartholomew book-writing session on Wednesday.
I'm the author & Jordanian is the illustrator.
Monika is the brilliant idea overseer.
If we can finish Joshua's book by the end of the summer
& i send out my six month late christmas cards...
i will feel like quite the accomplished girl.

In other news, Michellearella sent me some precious poloroids from
cornerstone last May! This little gem is my favourite!
I miss these three to the max.
A.J. Cheek, Austin Cobb, & Michelle Flores. <3


kathryn said...

scuppernong is a grape!!! oh my gosh, Ceeeeee you're a clever gymnastic coach/amazing photographer/writer!!!! And you must use your creativity in a cool, creative job!!! Go for it and don't end up in an office or a factory - not that those aren't important jobs. However, if you're wanting to do something creative for a living, i think you should!

some of the movies you mention i haven't heard of. . i'll have to check 'em out!!! We just watched Ghost Rider (yeah, a bit silly, but we like Nick Cage and it was entertaining!!) I'm on a big reading binge these days. . but also LOVE my telly too! Hell's Kitchen is bombastic! LOVE THAT SHOW! So You Think You Can Dance. . . hang in there hon. i know you're disappointed that Ricky left, but watch out for Hok!!! He's amazing. . i'm really digging this top 20.

kathryn said...

ha ha. . i'm a dumb dumb, i thought 'bombastic' meant something like outrageous, explosive, etc. . . it really means 'hollow ranting, pretentious language'. . . well, there's profane language, does that count?! BAH!!! Ramsay's such a swearbag!!!! When we watch HK on Foodnetwork.ca they don't bleep him out and you hear every F-bomb and all the rest. ."This risotto's too salty, its rubbish,put it in the bin!!" "SHUT IT DOWN!!!"

normalovesaa said...

KYLE XY FORVER !!!!!!!!!!


hello i'm norma and...
just wanted to mention that the show is awesomee.. and that i also love so you think you can dance

and sometimes it disappoints me aloot

have a nice day ! :]