downhere & jason gray.

Ft. Eustis.

Jason's birthday booook!

Jason Gray is my new best friend.

The two JG's.

Glennyyy G!

Apex, North Carolina.

Jason & Dave's birthday celebration. We're so festive.



Jeremy Thiessen!

Beautiful Erin!

& we finally met dh holly!!!

I came to the conclusion that the downhere lads were my favourite
men 6 years ago. & i still haven't changed my mind!

more downhere brilliance in South Boston this Saturday!!!


kathryn said...

baby Cee!!! Those pics are xlnt - you are marvellous! I also think downhere is amazing. . and if i had met the newest JG. . i'm sure i'd think he's amazing too!

michellebot said...

aw looks like good times! :] your hair is so long now dannggg!