downhere, jason gray, sevenglory, slaying the math dragon, & neighborhood crimes.

I'll never stop a bullet.
but a bullet might stop me.
I'll never drink the ocean,
but the ocean might drink me.
roadtrips are fantasmo.
these people are SUPERB.
& dear to my heart!


p.s.! you are gold & silver.

xanga update from May 25th.

Last night a neighbor definitely got arrested. I watched it all go dowwwwnn
whilst peeking from my window. I was awoken from my deeep slumber by
a shrieking & screaming girrrl and saw a man lunge at her furiously.
As they sprinted through the neighborhood in a desperate chase...
i could hear her screaming in the distance. We gave the police a ring,
but thankfully they were already on the way.
A shadowy figure sped down the street in the neighbor's truck.
It chilled my bones seeing the man, face to the ground, getting handcuffed,
as the officers of the law yelled at him to "GET DOWN!"
& the police dogs snarled & barked ferociously.
The searchlights lit up the night as they searched the scene
& needless to say... i did not really drift off to dreamland last night!
It was intense. Oh. The things you can seeee hidden behind a pane of glass and a curtain.

I slayed the math dragon with fire & knowledge! The next battle will be against
the evil Mathematics Monsterrr... he will not prevail!
Biology is fiiive days a week & KILLER. I wish i was all science-eyy & smart.
I'm not a fan of playing with hazardous chemicals.

Robotic hypnotic. superrr super sonic. this is our best friend, The Gray One.:

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kathryn said...

love all these pictures!!! groovy!!!!