This week's inspiration is beautiful LANAE HALE. 

I have the pleasure of knowing this lovely singer songwriter & calling her a friend. Her sweet, gentle whisper of a voice resembles her personality [she really is a darling!], but it's the kind of whisper that hits you in the heart. Her voice is new, vibrant, and refreshing. Her tantalizing tunes have a way of soothing my soul & making my heart pound all at once. Lanae's vocal range blows my mind. She can sing a smooth, quiet melody and then transform her voice into a loud, resonating sound that hits you right in the heart & makes your blood flow a little faster. I think if you give her music a listen you'll feel the same way too.

You can buy Lanae's EP on her record label's site: Centricity Music.

While you're in the music buying mood you should also buy her new single, Back & Forth, which has already been featured on MTV's The Hills & is playing over the airwaves on radio stations all over the country. 

Lanae's debut album, Back & Forth, releases on May 19th. I've had the privilege of listening to the new splendid songs ahead of time. As usual, Lanae's voice is captivating, the lyrics thought provoking, and the ideas behind the music are inspiring. Every song is made of  the kind of magic that lights up your life. This girl is nothing but special. She overflows with wisdom and encouragement beyond description. Her ability to turn her personal experiences into music makes each song even more intimate and powerful.

This is one record you do NOT want to miss. Your collection won't be complete until Lanae Hale's new album belongs to you. :]

Find Lanae on:

And spread her name like wildfire if you like what you hear!

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Gina: said...

She seriously rocks. Can't wait to hear the new stuff!