Free Music! the pogodudes. the beach. & the graduated sister.

I've had the pleasure of knowing the band downhere since I was 13 years old. I'll be 21 next month. Since April 2002 these brilliant men & their magical music have been a huge bright light in my life!  Their new album Ending is Beginning will be released to the world on September 23rd... To get the word out about their tantalizing tunes they are giving away their last album, Wide-Eyed & Mystified, for FREE! for the whole month of June! So download the cd right now before you miss your chance & tell all of your friends!

Our friend Chadd Deitz was back in Virginia Beach a couple of weekends ago to perform at the oceanfront & this time he brought his friends, Nick & Fred... the pogo dudes. We had a blast & a half watching their fun shows & reuniting. funnnn nights!
Check out the pogo dudes here!

I've been having lots of adventures at the beacharooney & working outtt with my darling friend, Leslie. we're out of control.

In other news, my LITTLE sister, Monika, graduated from highschool last week. mind-blowing!




Carla said...

You may be the most photogenic person I've ever seen. :)

kathryn said...

i agree, Cee. You are very photogenic! You're also a fabulous downhere fan. I love all your pics here. . they all look like a ton of fun!! Your sis looks like an angel in her white grad gown!!! give her a big hug for me and Rob on her great achievement. You've been a busy woman these days!!! yay!